Following Microsoft’s Inside Xbox stream on Thursday the 7th of May, we now have a confirmed list of the first set of games that are set to support Xbox’s new Smart Delivery feature.

If you’re out of the loop on what Smart Delivery is, no problem: we’ve got you covered. Smart Delivery is a brand new feature for the Xbox Series X where, if you purchase a game on the Xbox One, you’ll also get the Series X version for free.

It also works the other way around – if you buy an Xbox Series X game, you’ll also get the Xbox One version for free.

The new feature is sort of similar to how Xbox’s Backward Compatibility works, where if you own a certain original Xbox or 360 game, you can play it on the Xbox One for free, but Smart Delivery also offers far better compatibility, ensuring whatever game you’re playing is optimised for whichever console you’re playing on.

Explanations aside, here is the first set of games that have been confirmed to support Xbox Series X Smart Delivery:

Also technically included in the Smart Delivery list is Madden NFL 21, but EA has imposed some limited-time restrictions on the game. Those who wish to receive the Xbox Series X version of the game must purchase Madden NFL 21 on Xbox One and also upgrade to an Xbox Series X console prior to the release of Madden NFL 22 in mid-2021.

Note: A previous version of this article had the cut-off date for the free Xbox Series X version of Madden NFL 21 listed as December 2020. EA has since changed the time frame for redemption and this article has been updated accordingly.

Xbox has also confirmed that all of its exclusive Xbox Game Studios titles will also support Smart Delivery.