Battlefield 2042’s first season has been delayed until Summer

February 2, 2022
Battlefield 2042

EA and DICE have announced that Battlefield 2042’s first season, and hopeful return to popularity, has been delayed until Summer. 

In a new Battlefield Briefing blog post, DICE have detailed “the journey to Season One,” and it looks like a long road ahead, to say the least. 

Previously, it was believed that hope was on the horizon for Battlefield 2042, with the game’s first season due to kick off sometime in March, however unfortunately this planned release schedule has since been revised and delayed.

Instead of the start to Season One, in March dedicated Battlefield 2042 players will only be getting the much-requested scoreboard, as well as a handful of bug fixes, which were previously promised to launch sometime this February. 

The actual start to Battlefield 2042’s Season One has been pushed all the way back until sometime in “early Summer,” DICE explained. Continuing in the blog post, DICE revealed that this delay should give them “the time to focus on improving the Battlefield 2042 experience while finalizing the development of our seasonal content.” 

Whenever the first season of content does finally arrive for Battlefield 2042, it should include a new operator as well as a new map called “Exposure,” which will be based around a Canadian-US research facility base in British Columbia.

To go alongside the tease of Season One’s release date, DICE also detailed in the blog post that they’re working on implementing VOIP communication as well as better player profiles so you can better keep track of what you’re doing in the game.

DICE is also promising “a clearer, tighter squad loop,” to improve team play with an improved ping system and a better reward loop for when you’re playing on an objective as a team. 

Thankfully for players who are disenfranchised with Battlefield 2042 and DICE’s seemingly endless promises, you are at least being rewarded for your patience, as DICE will be giving out a bundle of cosmetics to those who own Gold or Ultimate editions of the game.

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