Battlefield 2042 is finally getting a scoreboard, four months after it was requested

January 19, 2022
Battlefield 2042

DICE and EA have finally revealed that Battlefield 2042 is finally getting a scoreboard, four months after it was first requested in the open beta. 

“Our next update after 3.2 [3.3] arrives in mid to late February, and features a refreshed Scoreboard, alongside further changes that have been in the works since we returned after the Holidays,” DICE explained, letting us know that the inconceivable content drought in Battlefield 2042 still isn’t over just yet. 

Ever since Battlefield 2042’s first open beta back in October, Battlefield fans and new players alike have been clamouring for an actual proper scoreboard rather than the vague squad-based nonsense which is currently in the game. 

In the time since Battlefield 2042’s beta and launch, bug fixes have likely been the priority, however, it’s nevertheless baffling how a simple scoreboard has taken four months to make, and DICE aren’t even committed to it being finished yet, with the reveal image being labelled a “work in progress.” 

To cut DICE some slack, it’s probably not the easiest thing to make a scoreboard for up to 124 people, even if all of the information was in the game already. Displaying the top nineteen players, as well as your squadmate positions and a handful of players around your own position in the scoreboard seems like the best way to go about things while keeping the text size actually legible. 

Battlefield 2042
Here’s our first look at Battlefield 2042’s work in progress scoreboard.

While a new scoreboard will be nice for anyone still playing Battlefield 2042 once it arrives in February, there’s still no word on when the game’s first big content update and season 1 will arrive. 

Rumoured to launch sometime in March, Battlefield 2042’s first season of content will reportedly include a new operator as well as a new map will be called “Exposure,” and will be based around a Canadian-US research facility base in British Columbia.

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