343 Industries is being criticized for Halo Infinite microtransactions once again 

December 29, 2021
343 Industries Mister Chief

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After announcing the Mister Cheif pack for Halo Infinite, 343 Industries has been under fire, with many players upset over the exorbitant price tag of the bundle.

Costing 2,000 in-game credits (roughly £15/$20), the Mister Chief pack features a new AI, styled as you might expect after Mister Cheif, an emblem, a weapon charm, and an assortment of skins, however, this selection of cosmetics hasn’t been enough to appease many Halo Infinite’s players. 

Across social media, Halo Infinite players have once again been voicing their concerns with the game’s pricing model, just as we’ve seen a number of times before. This time around, things are bad enough that players are even praising games such as Halo 5 and Call of Duty: Ghosts for their attitude to microtransactions in hindsight. 

On Twitter, Halo YouTuber Late Night Gaming noted that “Halo 5 gave you the voices of war pack which had 3 different announcer voices for 10 dollars. Why is this single announcer, a useless sticker and a charm 20 dollars? It feels like that ‘we want to reevaluate our store’ promise was hollow. I know that’s not the case but.. man.” 

It’s currently unclear if 343 Industries will adjust the pricing model of AI announcers in the future, as the free-to-play Halo Infinite multiplayer still needs to make its money somehow. For now, purchasing the £50 Halo Infinite campaign definitely seems like a more worthwhile investment. 

Before this latest misstep, 343 Industries had been putting in good work to restore some goodwill within Halo Infinite’s community. Alongside promises to increase XP rewards for the game’s much-maligned battle pass, 343 Industries also recently released the surprisingly well-received Cat Lovers cosmetic pack, which let you put cat ears on your spartan’s helmet. 

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