343 Industries continue to promise improvements for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer


16, 2021

In the latest community livestream, 343 Industries has once again promised us that Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer will be getting better. 

This time, 343 Industries were promising to be better with Halo Infinite’s limited time events in the future, as the recent Fracture: Tenrai event, which is due to return next January, drew the ire of many players. 

During the Holiday 2021 Community Stream, 343 Industries head of design, Jerry Hook, explained that, for future events, the event pass should be more generous, with some XP boosters and challenge swaps being replaced with cosmetics.

Alongside this, Hook also explained that for the Fracture: Tentai event, cosmetic items which were previously only available via Halo Infinite’s store, would now instead only be available through the event pass, meaning everyone should be able to get their hands on them.

Alongside these specific event pass changes which should make Halo Infinite more rewarding to play during limited-time events, 343 Industries has also committed to improving the broader battle pass by reducing the requirements for weekly challenges while also promising broader changes such as performance-based XP in the future. 

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343 Industries also recently announced that they’ve managed to fix the issue in Halo Infinite with the Xbox Series X|S feature Quick Resume. Thanks to this fix, multiplayer cosmetics that you’ve discovered in Zeta Halo’s Armor Lockers should properly appear in your multiplayer armoury, even if you find them offline.

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