Gamescast w/ LateNightGaming: If You’re Not Going To Eat Jesus, Put Him In The Fridge


9, 2021

Nobody expects to record four hours of podcast. On the MSPoweruser Gamescast, we like to fail upwards. For our first episode of 2021 – not 2020, past Lewis – we’ve not only managed to break our record for our longest episode yet, but we’ve also managed to wrangle our most successful (and funniest) guest in the short history of the show.

We can’t even fathom to think what was going through guest LateNightGaming (aka Taras) after four whole hours of chatting with the pure idiotic hosts of the MSPoweruser Gamescast, but those thoughts are likely private. What we know is conclusive: we exude far too much natural charisma for any of those thoughts to be negative.

From Seven Eleven high-vis name tags to the ethical nature of Jesus’ misadventures with fish cloning, this episode of the Gamescast meanders into tangents upon tangents, opening parallel tangents that create split tangents.

On top of that, we have thoughtful discussions about the Halo franchise’s rocky decade, Master Chief’s gross face and the best time to eat a protein bar whilst fighting a library full of The Flood. Now that I’ve written enough of a description for SEO purposes, you can check out the podcast in its entirety – although chunks are likely more healthy for you – below. Just remember, if you wait long enough, it’ll be available on your podcast service of choice.


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