We have had many leaks over many months regarding the Surface Duo, but so far we have not had an inkling of the price of the handset.

That is until today, when SamsungBloat, who earlier leaked pictures of the Surface Duo, has also leaked a price, and its probably just somewhat north of being acceptable.

At $1400 it is much cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 for example, but then it lacks numerous features that justifies the price on the Samsung handset, including great cameras, external screens and 5G.


  1. Microsoft has now confirmed that Surface Duo 128GB will cost $1399. The 256GB version will cost $1499. You can pre-order the device today and the device will be shipping from September 10th. You can learn more about the official information here.
  2. You can read the full tech specs of Surface Duo device here.
  3. Microsoft revealed some new info regarding Surface Duo device, you can read it here.
  4. Microsoft also commented about Surface Duo availability outside the US, you can read it here.

Of course, it is expected to come with a bundle of accessories, which may ameliorate the price shock somewhat.

The collection appears to include a stylus, special case for the foldable phone, USB-C charger and what looks like the Surface EarBuds, and will hopefully be included in the $1400 price.


The device will reportedly offer a Snapdragon 855 SoC which will be paired with 6 GB of RAM and 64128/256 GB of storage. The device will also have two AMOLED 5.6-inch screens with a resolution of 1800 x 1350, with biometrics supplied via a fingerprint reader. Microsoft reportedly also included a 3,460 mAh battery to power the hardware.  The device is set to run Android 10 with Microsoft Launcher as the UI, with Microsoft reportedly working on an Android 11 update soon after launch.

Microsoft will reportedly set to launch the device as early as this week, with MVPs reportedly invited to an introductory event by Microsoft.

What do our readers think about the price? Let us know below.