Microsoft working on “Project Kodiak” to improve browsing experience

December 6, 2022
Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft recently witnessed encouraging market share numbers for the Edge browser. With more people now using Edge than ever before, the software giant seems to be leaving no stone unturned to make the web browser an even more attractive choice for users.

Microsoft is now working on what it described as “Project Kodiak.” According to an Edge flag discovered by Leopeva64-2, “Project Kodiak” is all about offering a better browsing experience both for professional and personal use cases. One can not understand much about how the company will do it by reading the flag description, but it surely hypes things up.

A better browsing experience could mean anything. It could be about making browsing faster, more reliable, and more secure. Microsoft’s latest Edge Stable 108 comes with a more reliable web defense. It could be something like that or may be entirely different from what we can imagine. For now, Microsoft likes to keep mum about “Project Kodiak.”

It is also worth noting that “Project Kodiak” is not only limited to Windows PCs. Whatever changes Microsoft introduces under it will be available across all platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Whether “a better browsing experience” will be available to everyone on the same day remains to be seen.

Edge Project Kodiak

Meanwhile, Microsoft is currently testing a plethora of new features for Edge. Some of the noteworthy examples are a new “Touch mode,” desktop or mobile view in the Sidebar, and improvements to the “Follow this creator” feature. A screenshot tool in the Edge drop pane is also in the development phase. These upcoming changes will also make the Edge web browser more usable, as many will benefit from the said changes.

Are you using Edge as your default browser on your PC? If yes, let us know in the comments why you prefer Edge over any other browser available in the market.

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