Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is out now

November 15, 2021
Halo Infinite Season 1

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Update: 343 Industries has announced that your latest Spartan journey begins today, as you can download and play Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer right now. 

In celebration of Xbox and Halo’s 20th Anniversary, 343 Industries has allowed us to have Halo just that little bit early as the multiplayer component to Halo Infinite has just launched. Literally right now, what are you waiting for?

Players who download and boot up the game right now will have access to “all the maps, core modes, academy features, and the full battle pass to unlock.”

It’s important to note that 343 Industries are calling this access to the multiplayer a beta, so there might be a few glitches or bugs disrupting the experience somewhat. Hopefully, we can count on 343 Industries to iron out any problems before the full launch of Halo Infinite on December 8th 2021.

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Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC so go and download it now. It’s free!

Original Story: With Xbox’s 20th-anniversary celebratory livestream on the horizon, there’s growing evidence that Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer may be launching during the show. 

Since November 15th 2021 marks the 20th-anniversary of both Xbox and the Halo franchise which started it all off, it definitely makes sense that there should be some kind of announcement during the show, and it’s looking increasingly likely that we might be in luck.

While nothing has been confirmed officially, we’ve seen leakers and industry insiders such as Tom Henderson and Jeff Grubb both lean towards some kind of Halo Infinite reveal or early launch later today which would upset the recently released Battlefield 2042. 

As if the leaks weren’t enough already, even Pringles were hinting at a Halo Infinite launch for later today, with a countdown on their website for when you can “snack safely in Halo combat,” ending just as the Xbox event starts. This timer has since been taken down, but it’s still managed to cause quite a stir. 

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Microsoft has previously stated numerous times that there won’t be any new games during the 20th-anniversary livestream, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect big news to be dropped on us. Whatever happens during the show, it should be a wonderfully nostalgic watch in any case. 

Xbox’s 20th-anniversary livestream is due to kick off later tonight at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT. You can watch it live via Xbox’s Twitch and YouTube channels, or via Facebook. 

If Halo Infinite’s multiplayer doesn’t launch later today, we can expect it to release alongside the game’s campaign, which is currently scheduled to launch on December 8th 2021.

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