Halo Infinite now has the fanciest collectible

December 2, 2021
Halo Infinite Swarovski

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Xbox has unveiled the latest piece of Halo Infinite merchandise for you to admire, and it’s perhaps the most extravagant collectable we’ve seen. 

To continue  Xbox’s 20th-anniversary festivities, Xbox has teamed up with the jewellery company Swarovski to make “epic crystal collectables” that celebrate the Halo franchise, and the upcoming launch of Halo Infinite, with iconic designs. 

According to the Xbox Wire news post announcing the collaboration, Swarovski has recreated Master Chief’s iconic Mjolnir helmet using a “singular piece of crystal featuring 140 facets.” Alongside this, Swarovski has also created the Energy Sword, “crafted with 204 facets from 13 different cut crystal pieces, and two polished steel tips.”

Needless to say both of these collectables look very fancy and exorbitantly expensive, but remarkably they’re not just for show. There are actually 117 of these collectable sets of crystal collectables up for grabs, which you can get your hand on via Swarovski official sweepstakes and StockX ‘Campaign for a cause’.

While this might be the fanciest collectable out there, there’s plenty of other Halo Infinite and Xbox anniversary branded gubbins you can get your hands on such as the 20th-anniversary Xbox Series X|S Controller and headset, Halo Infinite branded Rockstar cans, and the fabled Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

Halo Infinite is planned to launch on December 8th 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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