The Xbox Series X “Mini Fridge” costs $99.99

October 15, 2021
Xbox Mini Fridge Xbox Series X

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Microsoft has announced that the coveted Xbox Series X Mini Fridge will be out this December for a cool $99.99 / £89.99.

Featuring “LEDs and surface-features made to resemble the Xbox Series X,” the mini-fridge will apparently be perfect for amazing your friends while also quenching their thirst, according to the Xbox Wire announcement post

While it might not be the 1:1 replica Xbox Series X Fridge, the mini-fridge will still be able to hold up to 12 cans of your favourite, Halo Infinite branded, beverage. There will also be a USB port on the front of the fridge so you can use it to charge your devices too. 

Arriving “just in time for the holidays” the Xbox Series X “Mini Fridge” will go on pre-sale on October 19th with the fridge expected to arrive at multiple retailers globally in December. 

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With a plethora of exclusivity deals going on around the Xbox Series X “Mini Fridge” getting one may not be as easy as first thought. In the US and Canada, it’ll be exclusive to Target and the Xbox Gear Store for $99.99. In the UK it will be exclusive to GAME for £89.99. In France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland the Xbox Series X “Mini Fridge” will be available at  Game Stop EU for €99.00, Micromania for €99.00 or at Toynk, via Amazon. 

Microsoft will be working to bring the Xbox Mini Fridge to as many fans as possible, so will be expanding regional availability in 2022, “pending regulatory approvals and restrictions by market.”

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