Xiaomi might place two cameras in its under-the-display-camera smartphone

by Rahul
October 21, 2019

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The year 2020 will see under-the- display-camera smartphone from Samsung, there are other manufacturers that are also rumored to be working on an under-the-display-camera smartphone, one such company is Xiaomi.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer recently showcased prototypes with the under-the-display front camera, giving us details about the progress it has made in the technology. Now, a new patent has appeared, which suggests that Xiaomi might place not one but two cameras under the display. While in theory, it should capture quality selfies, the patent doesn’t shed light on the details of their front camera configuration.

While under-the-display-camera smartphones will be cool to look at, there are issues such as distortion that affect the picture quality, and to address the issue, Xiaomi needs clever software algorithms among other things.

We don’t know as to when Xiaomi is going to introduce its first under-the-display-camera smartphone, but rumor has it that it won’t see the daylight before 2020.

Aside from Samsung and Xiaomi, there is not one but two major players that said to be laying the groundwork for their first under-the-display-camera smartphone they are Oppo and Huawei.

The year 2020 will see a lot of interesting devices. Aside from the under-the-display-camera smartphone, Microsoft’s Surface Duo and Surface Neo are also expected to launch in 2020.

Source: Tigermobilesvia: Smartdroid

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