Samsung to launch a new smartphone with under-the-display camera in 2020


17, 2019

Author Pradeep // in News

Samsung is planning to launch a new smartphone with under-the-display camera in 2020.

According to the report, Samsung is planning to start the manufacturing of Under Display Camera (UDC) technology this month. During the initial stages, Samsung is planning to produce 30,000 displays per month. If the manufacturing process goes as expected, Samsung will start volume production in early next year.

In the case of punch hole displays found in devices like Galaxy S10, the OLED display is drilled with a hole using lasers and the camera sensor is aligned with the hole. In the case of upcoming UDC, a transparent display is placed to cover the hole. This transparent display will definitely cause distortion of light entering the camera lens leading to poor image quality. Samsung is working in two directions to reduce this distortion. First, Samsung is working on improving the transparency of the display. Second, Samsung is working on clever software algorithms that can compensate the distortion.

According to well known Samsung leaker @UniverseIce, this new under-the-display camera smartphone won’t be S11 or Fold 2.

Source: thelec

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