Oppo and Xiaomi showcase prototypes with under the display front camera

by Anmol
June 3, 2019

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Ever since Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 series, every company has been trying to replicate the technology as a potential solution for the notch. However, Samsung hasn’t still figured out how to hide the front camera when not in use. That said, we have seen rumours in the past that suggest Samsung might have found a way to hide the front camera.

Even if Samsung has found a solution, the rumours don’t exactly bring assurances. The good news is we won’t have to for too long as both Xiaomi and Oppo today showcased a prototype with under the display camera. While Oppo didn’t reveal information about the prototype, Xiaomi slapped an under the display camera on the existing Mi 9. Both the companies have been successful in their respective tests and the tech looks good in terms of both picture quality and the overall design of the device.

We don’t have ETA on when exactly we might see actual devices with under the display camera but it sure does look promising. We expect to see devices with under the display front camera in 2020.

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