Xbox hardware sales skyrocket by almost 50% among worldwide lockdowns



Microsoft has revealed that Xbox hardware sales have massively increased as the world continues to face extended lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Revealed through Microsoft’s earnings call for their Q4 2019 financials – check out the full gaming statistics here – Xbox hardware sales have seen a continued boost in consumer purchases since the world entered full pandemic status.

Microsoft says that Xbox hardware revenue “increased 49%, primarily due to an increase in volume of consoles sold”. This news comes after the announcement that two console SKUs have been discontinued: the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S All Digital Edition.

Microsoft did not reveal how much of these new Xbox hardware sales are due to Xbox’s Xbox All Access subscription service, a contract style payment method for those who wish to purchase a new console. Despite Microsoft’s unwillingness to reveal Xbox All Access growth, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed that the service is an important aspect of the company’s next-gen sales pitch.

Keep in mind, this 49% growth doesn’t just include consoles – although Microsoft claims the bulk of this number is due to the sheer volume of new consoles shipped – but also includes Xbox One controllers and other first-party accessories that PC players might be purchasing.

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