Microsoft Q4 2019: 65% gaming growth due to extended COVID lockdown

July 22, 2020
Tokyo Game Show Xbox logo Q4 2019 Xbox 20/20

Microsoft has just revealed its Q4 2019 gaming earnings that give us an insight into the company’s profits for its hardware and services.

Despite Microsoft refusing to note the number of Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles, the latter of which has been recently discontinued, the company does release detailed figures on gaming revenue and services such as Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass.

Gaming revenue has increased by 64% in the fourth quarter of Microsoft’s 2019 fiscal year. Microsoft’s Q4 2019 gaming earnings specifically state that the massive growth over the last quarter was “by growth in Xbox content and services. Xbox content and services.”

The earnings report reveals that “revenue increased $1.2 billion or 65%, primarily due to record engagement, including strength from third-party titles, as stay-at-home guidelines continued.”

Despite Microsoft discontinuing two different SKUs, Xbox One X and Xbox One S All Digital Edition, “Xbox hardware revenue increased 49%, primarily due to an increase in volume of consoles sold.

Source: Microsoft

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