Today Microsoft has made the much leaked Xbox One S All-Digital Edition official.

Microsoft says the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition was created for those who prefer to find and play their games digitally and are looking for the most affordable way to play Xbox games.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition comes bundled with three popular games – Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of Thieves selected to offer something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Microsoft is also pushing Xbox Game Pass as a way to easily build our all-digital gaming selection.

Cord cutters will enjoy watching 4K HDR entertainment with Netflix, Amazon and more.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is now available for pre-order at $249.99 USD, $50 USD less than Xbox One S, and Microsoft expected the disk-less device to remain $50 cheaper than the older version going forward.

The box should hit shelves on the 7th May at locations such as Walmart, Best Buy and, and of course Microsoft here.