Bethesda’s Doom Eternal Xbox One controller looks extremely painful

April 21, 2020
Doom Eternal Xbox One controller

Doom Eternal publisher Bethesda has crafted a Doom Eternal Xbox One controller that’s been forged in the bowels of heavy metal Hell.

As part of a promotional giveaway for the recently released first-person shooter, Bethesda’s Australian and New Zealand social media accounts is giving down-under gamers the chance to win the unique Doom Eternal Xbox One controller.

The controller, which is modelled after the mechanical Preator suit of the iconic Doom Slayer, sits atop a deep-red controller stand that features the game’s argent sigils. The controller doesn’t look comfortable in the slightest – huge rods stick out of the grip – but it’s cool? Bethesda states “it’s intended as a display piece” – thank God.

Those who win the controller will also be given a “Bethesda Game Days” t-shirt, a reward that will also be given to ten runners-up winners.

To win the medieval torture device, all you have to is follow Bethesda, retweet the post and reply with what you think the “best weapon/item in the DOOM Slayer’s arsenal and why?”. The answer is the Unmakyr and/or his shredded bod.

When Doom Eternal launched last month, we said it was a “Hectic, Hellish and Horrendously Enjoyable” time. Read our review right here.

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