WhatsApp will soon allow users to leave groups silently

May 17, 2022

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will enable users to leave the group silently. As per a report from WABetainfo, the Meta-owned chat messenger will notify only the admins when a group participant leaves the group when the feature becomes available.

As things stand right now, WhatsApp notifies everyone in the group with an auto-generated message when someone leaves the group. With the arrival of the new feature, things will be a bit different because only admins will be notified, and no such auto-generated message will be shown to other group participants.

WABetainfo has posted a screenshot explaining how it will work. When participants choose to leave a group, WhatsApp will tell them that it won’t notify everyone except the group admin.

WhatsApp Leave group siltently
Image: WABetainfo

The above screenshot is from the desktop client, but that doesn’t mean its Android and iOS client won’t get the feature. WABetainfo claims that the feature will be available on WhatsApp across all platforms. WhatsApp will roll out the capability in the future update. However, we don’t know when it will be available.

The ability to leave the group is in the development stage, meaning users cannot use the feature right now.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp will keep working on new features to make the chat messenger more useful. The instant chat messenger recently introduced several new features, including message reactions, file sharing improvements, the ability to add as many as 512 people in a group,

The Meta-owned company recently announced several new features, including 32-person audio calls, the ability to view status updates in the chat list, the ability to use a single WhatsApp account on multiple devices, and more. These features are in the development phase and will be available for the general public once ready. You can read about them in more detail here.

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