New Whatsapp feature is under development to allow multi-support for phones and tablets

April 29, 2022

We’ve seen a lot of newly discovered features being developed by various app companies in the past weeks, and here’s another one from WhatsApp: the ability to use a single account on another mobile or tablet device.

The new feature under development shares the concept as seen on the app’s Linked Devices feature, which allows an account owner with an Android or iOS mobile phone to use a computer as a secondary device. However, it will focus on connecting portable devices like phones and tablets to promote convenience to those who are carrying multiple devices.

WABetaInfo and Android Police shared some screenshots of the feature. According to the image taken from the app’s beta version, the screen shows a section titled “Register Device as Companion” that will give users a set of directions on how to connect a secondary device.

New WhatsApp feature beta Android version screenshot
Image Credit: WABetaInfo

From the instruction itself, the feature is accessible through the same Linked Devices feature in the Menu or Settings of the app. To connect, you need to “point your phone to this screen to scan the code.” This means the users will need to operate simultaneously the two devices they want to link. Nonetheless, the screenshot shared doesn’t show what the overall interface of the section will look like.

On the other hand, the image from Android Police clearly indicates that the feature will enable the synching of messages between the original device and the secondary one. The screenshots further appear to be taken from the Android beta version of the app, securing the possibility that it will arrive for the said operating system. Yet, this doesn’t mean it won’t be available on iOS, given that its users generated 4.53 million WhatsApp downloads during the fourth quarter of 2021.

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