Subway Surfers to bring new Windows 10 Mobile app, drops support for Windows Phone 8


Somewhat popular runner, Subway Surfers, is pulling out of Windows Phone 8 and heading full steam ahead into Windows 10 Mobile according to a new report from On MSFT.

The site recieved a statement from Kiloo, developers of the Subway Surfers series,which stated that the Windows Phone Subway Surfers app has been put out to pasture. Future updates would be available on Windows 10 Mobile.

We are working on Subway Surfers versions for Windows for mobile. The next update should be available on Windows 10 for mobile.

Subway Surfers, World Tour: Prague is the last update available for Windows Phone 8.
No further updates are planned for Windows Phone 8.

While it is strange that a mobile focused app like Subway Surfers would leave half of a mobile platform behind, perhaps it is also more reasonable and cost efficient for them to support the future looking Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem over Windows Phone 8 family.

Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
Developer: Kiloo
Price: Free