Skate 4 shows off mocap studio in a gameplay-less teaser

July 19, 2021
Skate 4

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After a year of development, Skate 4 has shown off a new teaser, showcasing some of the technology behind the game, including a very swanky mocap studio. 

The teaser, which itself was teased yesterday, revealed that Skate 4 is still being worked on but “the truth is, it’s early” Deran Chung, creative lead on the original Skate trilogy, announced in the trailer. 

Sadly the teaser didn’t feature any gameplay, but it did show off some of the people who have been allowed to view it, as well as the mocap studios which is helping to record animations to make the game look as good as possible. 

One voice from the community in the trailer, Kelly, said that “it reminds me of Skate 2,” but that doesn’t give us a whole load to go on about what he might expect from EA and Full Circle’s latest skateboarding game. 

Unfortunately, even with EA Play on the horizon, we won’t be seeing Skate 4 during the show, as while there is apparently gameplay out there being shown off to a select few, we don’t get to see it, as yesterday in the teaser for this teaser, the Full circle team announced that “we’re not ready for prime time just yet and we don’t be a part of the EA Play show on Thursday.” 

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To be as much of a tease as possible, EA and Full Circle didn’t give away much about what was in the upcoming Skate 4, nor did they reveal when we might hear more. Since things are still in early development, it might be a while yet, and depending on how the pandemic pans out, it may even be hit with delays that we’ve seen across the industry.

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