Ubisoft has delayed Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic


16, 2021

Despite showing off both games at E3, Ubisoft has just pushed back the release dates of Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic in a double bill of bad news. 

Riders Republic, previously set to launch first on September 2nd, has thankfully only been pushed back just over a month to October 28th, Ubisoft announced in a news post. This decision has been made in order to “deliver the best game to all players,” as well as allowing for enough time to “fine tune the experience.”

It’s not all bad news for prospective riders, as in the post Ubisoft did at least announce that between now and the delayed launch, there will be “another chance to jump in before launch and provide feedback,” on top of the already scheduled upcoming beta test. 

Rainbow Six Extraction, originally slated to launch on September 16th, has been hit with a much larger delay, pushing the game all the way back into next year, with a new ambiguous release date of January 2022. 

Making a game that “changes the way you play and think about cooperative games,” clearly isn’t quite going to plan as Rainbow Six Extraction, formerly Rainbow Six Quarantine, has now been hit with its third, and hopefully last, delay

While news of these delays obviously isn’t what we want to hear, it’s hardly unexpected, as we’ve seen a growing list of games requiring more time due to pandemic based problems. Just yesterday even we saw Warhammer 40,000 Darktide being hit with a delay, with Fatsharks CEO even referencing the troubles studios around the globe have had. 

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