The PS5 lifecycle may not be as long as many would think as supply chain sources reveal Sony’s alleged plans to release a half-decade console. 

With Playstation’s past two consoles having fairly strong lifecycles – seven years for PS3 and PS4 – many would expect the upcoming PlayStation 5 to be supported for the same average timespan as its predecessors. Apparently not.

Reported by Digitimes, sources coming out of Sony’s Taiwan supply chain has revealed that the PS5 lifecycle is expected to be only five years long, two years shorter than its predecessors.

The same source has claimed that Sony’s lifetime sales for the PlayStation 5 are currently estimated to rest at between 120 million to 170 million units. For comparison, this generation’s PlayStation 4 has seen a lifetime unit movement of 110 million consoles shipped.

PlayStation will be launching the PS5 with two different models on the market: the standards PlayStation 5 and the discless PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. They’re both absolutely massive.