PlayStation has announced that they have sold 100 million PS4s.

Revealed through the company’s latest financial briefing, Sony finished their latest financial quarter with a modest 3.2 million consoles sold. With the company’s last financials bringing the total to 96.8 million, this quarter adds up to a healthy one-hundred-million.

According to industry analysis David Ahmad, colloquially known as ZhugeEX, has pointed out that the PlayStation 4 is now the fastest console to reach 100 million. While the Nintendo Switch is doing welll to catch up, the PlayStation 4 has sold well across a much longer release schedule.

Sony’s financials also revealed that digital games are doing extremely well on PlayStation 4. The physical-to-digital sales ratio has officially crossed 50%: digital sales are officially selling more than physical copies.

With 100 million PS4s sold, it’s good that the next generation PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible with PS4 software.

However, despite all of the corporate celebrations, the sales of Sony’s primary competitor is still nowhere to be seen. Last seen at a modest 30 million units sold, Microsoft’s Xbox One sales figures are still unknown. Will we ever find out?