PlayStation is looking to acquire new studios for first-party development

July 2, 2019
playstation plus

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Microsft’s Xbox division may be behind in its first-party offerings this generation, but they have at least acquired a bunch of studios in recent years. Now, it would appear that competitor Sony is looking to acquire more first-party studios to boost their PlayStation 5 lineup.

Speaking to Japanese outlet Nikkei, thanks VGC, SIE and CEO Jim Ryan said that “content is more important than ever before”.

With thirteen development studios already under their belt, Sony is looking to expand even further into the next generation.

“We have been in the game business for 25 years and have big assets,” Ryan told Nikkei. “It will be difficult for new entrants to have such a production company or title.”

With recent Microsoft acquisitions nabbing talented creatives like Double Fine and Obsidian, Sony may feel pressured to boost their numbers. While their development lineup is substantial and fantastic, the recent slew of acquisitions by Microsoft is becoming a quick-fire comeback for Xbox fans for the start of the next-gen.

With Xbox head Phil Spencer also looking to acquire even more studios, including a Japanese studio, Sony certainly doesn’t appear to be refreshing itself for the PS5. Just as Platinum Games’ CEO said, it appears to be more of the same.

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