Microsoft grabs two legendary RPG Studios: Obsidian Entertainment and InXile Entertainment



Microsoft’s XO18 event brought a tonne of welcome surprises, but the biggest shock appeared right at the end: Obsidian Entertainment and InXile Entertainment have joined the Microsoft family.

Obsidian Entertainment isn’t the biggest surprise of the two, although they are the bigger studio. The rumor mill has spun loud and fast about the possibility of the legendary RPG developer being acquired by Microsoft – so much so that former employee Chris Avellone warned Xbox head Phil Spencer about the company’s management.

Founded from the ashes of Black Isle Studios and Interplay Entertainment, the developers of Fallout, Obsidian quickly made a name for themselves as the Kings of RPGs.  Fallout 2, KOTOR 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and the Pillars of Eternity series are just a handful of the classic games created by the company.

Unlike Microsoft’s acquisition of Obsidian, their surprise purchase of InXile Entertainment was a very well-kept secret. Founded by Brian Fargo, another RPG legend, InXile are known for their fantastic RPG offerings. Recently, their revival of the cult-classic Wasteland series has proven that the classic Fallout formula can still provide amazing experiences on both PC and console – perfect for Xbox’s Play Anywhere strategy.

“This deal is going to let us make roleplaying games for many years to come,” said Fargo.

Alongside Ninja Theory, Compulsion Games, Playground Games, Undead Labs, and The Initiative – Obsidian and InXile should help Microsoft to become a true gaming force throughout the end of this generation and the entirety of the next. Who else is hoping for an Alpha Protocol 2?

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