Smartphone manufacturers are expected to bring a number of new smartphones with a mosaic notch. It hides the notch or the punch hole cutout by making the notch or punch appear more like the rest of the screen — the selfie camera appears to be under the screen. Either way, the OPPO’s upcoming smartphone the OPPO Find X successor, simply called OPPO Find X2 won’t be shipping with an under-screen camera.

OPPO Vice President Brian Shen took to Twitter to confirm that the upcoming Find X2 smartphone unlikely to have an under-screen camera. Nevertheless, Brian also confirmed that the screen will be a key focus for the device and there will be other “industry leading features”.

The Vice President also explained why it’s not possible to ship the Find X2 with udner-display camera technology.

The reason is simple. According to the Vice President, there are a lot of obstacles to mass-produce the under-display camera smartphone. And this is the reason why the company chose not to go with the under-display camera.

Unfortunately, Brian didn’t shed much light on whether the Find X2 will feature a notch, water drop, or a pop-up selfie camera. The smartphone is rumored to feature 50W wireless charging which will be much faster than most wired charging options. Apart from that, we currently know nothing about the Find X2, and that means we’ll find out more about the smartphone at the MWC 2020.