Nintendo Switch developers reportedly making “their games 4K-ready” for upcoming Pro model

September 9, 2020
Nintendo Switch successor Joy-con drift nintendo switch

Nintendo is allegedly requesting software developers to get their games “4K-ready” as production on the rumoured New Nintendo Switch ramps up. 

In a report by Bloomberg, it was reported that the Japanese console manufacturer is asking several game developers to get ready for the Nintendo Switch Pro model, a device that allegedly supports 4K output.

“Several outside game developers, speaking anonymously as the issue is private, said that Nintendo has asked them to make their games 4K-ready, suggesting a resolution upgrade is on its way,” Bloomberg published.

Through release of this upcoming Switch revision would be part of Nintendo’s plans to extend the console family’s sales momentum in the wake of a new generation with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

The vastly upgraded model will likely see its own exclusive content – much like Nintendo’s DSi and New Nintendo 3DS/2Ds upgrades – in order to keep the console’s surprisingly impressive third-party support. It could even make certain titles, like The Outer Worlds, playable.

Whether or not this New Nintendo Switch will actually hit 4K in its software library is uncertain at best. While some games may render out a 4K user interface for large TVs, the internal resolution of their actual visuals will most probably fall below that for a lot of games.

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