New Sony PlayStation 5 event date leaked for June 11th

June 8, 2020
Sony PlayStation 5 event

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Update 2: The previously delayed Sony PlayStation 5 event has been rescheduled for June 11th. 

The news comes from an alleged leaked Twitch advertisement for the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 event that made its way to the blog site Resetera.

The advertisement asks viewers to “Join us June 11th at 9pm BST.” We’ll be joining them because watching these things is my job. Oh, and you can listen to our thoughts on the next MSPoweruser Gamescast! (Listen to the last one here!)

Update: Sony has decided to postpone Thursday’s Sony PlayStation 5 event as people all across the world join together to fight for the Black Lives Matter after the horrific police murder of George Floyd.

Taking to Twitter to announce the Sony PlayStation 5 event delay, Sony said that that want to “stand back” as Black People fight against systematic racism, police brutality and white supremacy across the globe.

“We have decided to postpone the PlayStation 5 event scheduled for June 4th,” Sony posted on Twitter.

“While we understand gamers worldwide are excited to see PS5 games, we do not feel that right now is a time for celebration and for now, we want to stand back and allow more important voices to be heard.”

If you don’t wish to join in with the Black Lives Matter protests, here’s a handy guide on how you can help Black people fight against the oppression that surrounds their daily lives.

And before you go ahead and say, “All Lives Matter”, Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean we don’t care about all lives, but we’re focused on fighting against the extreme racism that targets Black people every day. Okay? Good.

Original Story: It’s actually happening: PlayStation will be formally presenting their PlayStation 5 reveal next week for gamers everywhere. 

Commencing on June 4th at 9pm UK time – 1pm Pacific Time – Sony will be holding an hour-long livestream presentation to showcase numerous PlayStation 5 games and, hopefully, give players a final look at the hardware.

While Sony has previously revealed the internal specifications of their next-gen hardware and has shown off their DualSense controller, the company has yet to reveal any games or the look of the actual Sony PlayStation 5 machine.

“I’m excited to share that we will soon give you a first look at the games you’ll be playing after PlayStation 5 launches this holiday,” said Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan.

“The games coming to PS5 represent the best in the industry from innovative studios that span the globe. Studios, both larger and smaller, those newer and those more established, all have been hard at work developing games that will showcase the potential of the hardware.

This digital showcase will run for a bit more than an hour and, for the first time, we will all be together virtually experiencing the excitement together. A lack of physical events has given us an amazing opportunity to think differently and bring you on this journey with us, and hopefully, closer than ever before. This is part of our series of PS5 updates and, rest assured, after next week’s showcase, we will still have much to share with you.”

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As for what we’ve seen of the next-gen system before the PlayStation 5 reveal event, there’s still exciting stuff. Unreal Engine 5’s impressive technological showcase was presented entirely on PS5 hardware in real-time, and Gearbox’s Godfall has been revealed as a PS5 console exclusive.

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