Nothing starts a Tuesday morning off stronger than an awesome video game leak. As it just so happens, we’ve been blessed with a next-gen leak that shows some, presumably, PS5 Godfall gameplay in action.

Revealed during The Game Awards 2019 as the first confirmed PlayStation 5 game, alongside Xbox Series X, the Gearbox-published looter-slasher game Godfall aims to be a visual treat.

While the currently released trailer does tease gamers with a small slice of gameplay pie, we’ve been eagerly awaiting some more.

Thankfully, Reddit user YeaQuarterDongIng has graced us with six seconds of Godfall gameplay; less of a visual feast, more of a visual snack. It’s a short clip of combat gameplay taken from an early build from around March 2019. While some effects are dialed back or missing – the clip doesn’t seem to displaying any hardware-based ray-tracing – the current build appears to be much improved.

Godfall is currently aiming for a holiday 2020 release on both PlayStation 5 and PC. For more PlayStation 5 news, check out this article on a recent leak for pricing, launch titles and more.