It’s not often we do something with even a shred of timely consistency, but we have at least made a second episode of the MSPoweruser Gamescast. I know, we’re starting to improve. 

Now, we can’t exactly say that this installment in our absolutely greatest podcast in the entire gosh-darn world is bigger, better and even grander than the last episode, but this is certainly a substantial bit longer than our Maiden Voyage throughout the land of podcasting.

But what does this episode of the MSPoweruser Gamescast entail? Oh, you know, the usual meandering discussions, but also a bunch of tasty talk of Sony’s next-gen console PlayStation 5. There’s also talk of Xbox Series X backward compatibility, there’s talk about Crucible, Everspace 2 and even Minecraft Dungeons! There’s so much talking! It’s a podcast!

Anyways, you can listen to the MSPoweruser Gamescast on a bunch of new platforms that you couldn’t before! Check them out below!



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