AT&T offers a monthly payment option for Microsoft Surface Duo


13, 2020

Surface Duo

Microsoft started taking pre-orders for the new Surface Duo device yesterday. Surface Duo starts at $1399 and you can get up to $700 cash back with a qualified trade-in when you purchase Surface Duo device from Microsoft Store.

Instead of paying the whole $1399 retail price, some customers prefer monthly installments. AT&T is now offering Surface Duo 128GB device for $46.67/month under AT&T Installment Plan. For the 256GB version, you need to pay $50 per month. You can find AT&T Installment Plan details below.

  • Trade-in eligible: No.
  • Device installments: Sales price (less any down payment) is divided into 30 roughly equal monthly payments.
  • Finance charge: None (0% APR).
  • Down payment: May be required. Currently a percentage of the device cost ranging from 15% to 80% or a flat dollar amount that ranges from $200 to $1,400 (subject to change and could be higher).
  • Early payoff: You can pay off your installment plan early.

You can pre-order the Surface Duo device here from AT&T.

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