Microsoft increase the maximum number of people who can attend a Microsoft Teams meeting by 20%

by Surur
June 27, 2020

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We reported 3 weeks ago that Microsoft was planning to increase the number of people that can attend a Microsoft Teams meeting at the same time, and today that increase has rolled out to users on the platform.

The Microsoft Teams roadmap confirmed that Microsoft planned to increase the limit of participants in a video chat from 250 to 300, but Microsoft did not give a specific date for the roll-out of the feature.

Today Mike Tholfsen, product manager for Microsoft Edu, confirmed that the increase is rolling out right now.

Microsoft recently added a 3×3 video calling feature, thus making it possible for its users to have 9 people on a single screen. We also reported Microsoft is working on increasing the number from 9 to 49 by bringing a feature that will add support for 7×7 video calling.

Microsoft says the limit increase was to help customers meet rapidly changing communication and meeting needs.

Currently Microsoft Teams for Government (GCC, GCC High, DoD) still have a limit of 250 participants. Microsoft will announce when the increase will roll out to those services at a future date.

Microsoft Teams now has more than 75 million daily active users, up from 44 million in the month of March. Teams is also Microsoft’s fastest-growing business application at this moment and according to Jeff Teper, CVP for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams will be even bigger than Windows.

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