Last year, Mixer introduced the new Clips experience. Mixer Clips are 15 to 60 second videos captured from a stream that can be used to replay the most memorable moments while live streaming on Mixer. Microsoft yesterday new improvements to the Clips experience on Mixer.

First, Microsoft is making it easy to create clips on the web. When a viewer starts to create a clip, viewer will be able to trim to a specific section and also preview the clip before publishing. Clips need to be at least 15 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds.

Second, Mixer now offers more control over who can create clips for a channel. Mixer Partners can now expand clip creation feature to all viewers or limit the ability to clip based on a specific channel progression rank. For example, Mixer partner can enable clips for members at rank 30 or above, allowing only more regular viewers to clip in their specific channel.

To access the improved clips experience, go to a stream and click the new clips icon. Mixer team mentioned that this new clips icon will be next to the old clips icon until the roll out of this new experience is complete.

Following in the likes of Tyler “Ninja” BlevinsMichael “Shroud” GrzesiekCory “Gothalion” Michael, and Supergirl Guest Actor Rahul Kohli, recently, Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler, a deaf 14 year old Fortnite pro, has become the latest streamer to leave Twitch in favour of Microsoft’s Mixer platform.

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Source: Mixer