Twitch’s top steamer Ninja is moving exclusively to Microsoft’s Mixer


1, 2019

Popular Twitch streamer Tyler Ninja Blevins is migrating his services over to Microsoft’s Mixer platform.

Announced through a high budget video posted on Twitter, Blevins revealed that he would no longer be providing content for Twitch. Despite claiming 14.7 million Twitch followers, the streamer will be essentially starting from scratch.

“I’ve been holding out on this for quite some time,” the streamer said in a follow-up video. “I’ll be streaming on Mixer full-time now… It’ll be good to get back to the streaming roots.”

While Microsoft’s streaming service has been well supported since the company’s acquisition and rebranding, the service has lacked it’s own celebrity. Maybe with the support of Twitch’s most famous streamer, the service will become a mainstream alternative.

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