Another Twitch star moves to Microsoft Mixer


25, 2019

Earlier this year popular Twitch star Tyler Blevins signed a deal with Microsoft to move from Twitch to Microsoft’s own streaming platform Mixer. Within days Ninja managed to gain over 1 million followers on Mixer and pushed Mixer’s Android app to the top on Google Play Store.

Now, Microsoft has managed to snatch another Twitch star. Popular CS: GO player Michael Grzesiek, aka Shroud has announced his move from Twitch to Mixer. Shroud announced the move with a high budget video which ended with him streaming games on Mixer.

The move was announced earlier today and Shroud has already posted a link to his first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare stream. To celebrate the move, Microsoft is also offering a free subscription for a limited time on Mixer. If you’re someone who has been following him then you can head to Mixer to subscribe.

With Microsoft bagging two major streaming stars, the company has confirmed that it is serious about game streaming and is ready to take the fight to Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

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