Many users are reporting a factory reset bug with the latest Xbox One build

Have you turned on your Xbox One console today? Greeted with the initial out-of-box-experience after having applied the most recent system update? Well get in line, as lots of gamers over on Reddit are complaining about having to go through the entire set up process again, signing into your account, though your apps and games should still be installed. However users are reporting that games will need to go through updates again, mods will need to be redownloaded, and game data will have to be synced again. The “official” response that users are saying they have received from Xbox Support is:

Hey everyone,

We have fixed an issue that caused some customers to go through the out-of-box-experience again following the most recent system update.

For those affected, your games and apps are still installed on the console. Your personal information will be downloaded when you re-enter your Microsoft Account information during the out-of-box process.

If you share your Console with other family members then you will need to ask them to re-enter their Microsoft Account information in the sign-in area of the console.

For more support please go to

Despite the claim that the bug is fixed, more users have come forward with the same issue, with some vowing to hold off on turning on consoles, and others “fixing” the issue by “turning off your xbox at the power socket (after turning the console off by the power button of course), wait like 5 minutes (or until it’s definitely off) then turn it back on again” according to Reddit user shanewater. While most of the affected have stated to not be on any Xbox Insider program, other stories have stated that Insiders are being affected as well.

Microsoft has yet to release an official statement on the issue, but we will be sure to update our readers as more information becomes available. In the mean time, maybe avoid applying the latest system update (if you already haven’t). Have any of our readers experienced the factory reset bug after the latest update? Let us know in the comments.