Leaked PS5 images shows off Sony’s thicc boi



A series of PS5 pictures have made their way online and, oh my word, that boi is THICC.

Spotted by website MySmartPrice, an NCC listing of Sony’s next-gen games console revealed multiple images of the upcoming system that shows just how chonky the device is.

Sony previously released the official measurements of their extremely large baby, but many hadn’t grasped the true scale of the console until these pictures made their way online.

Official PlayStation 5 measurements:

  • PS5 Base System: W 390mm x H 104mm x D 260mm
  • PS5 Digital Edition: W 390mm x H 92mm x D 260mm

PS5 images

The PS5 images show that a considerable amount of effort has gone into creating a hopefully efficient cooling solution for the PlayStation 5. Most of the system’s shell holds gaps for air to blow out along the back and sides.

Also shown in the pictures are the accessories that will come with the next-gen console: a stand for vertically positioning the console, a USB-C to USB cable for the DualSense controller, the DualSense controller and a HDMI cable. It’s all very standard.

PlayStation 5 launches this November. The system will have multiple exclusive launch titles including Spider-Man Miles Morales, a cross-gen game.

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