Galaxy S20 Ultra users are now complaining about broken rear camera glass



Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 Ultra along with Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus back in February. However, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has been struggling with various issues since the launch. Most of these issues can be fixed via software updates and Samsung has already released a couple of updates to fix the problems.

The latest issue to hit Galaxy S20 Ultra seems to a hardware problem and can’t be fixed via a software update. According to posts on Samsung’s official community forum, users are reporting shattered or broken camera glass. All the Galaxy S20 Ultra users have noted that they didn’t bump or drop the phone indicating a design flaw that could be shattering the glass. From the looks of it, the issue is widespread with multiple threads on the forum complaining about the issue. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a single thread that has received an official reply from a Samsung moderator or employee.

Galaxy S20 Ultra

Someone even noted that Samsung is charging them AU$375 to replace the broken glass when they didn’t break it in the first place.

I still don’t know how the back camera glass cracked. Phone is less the 6 weeks and samsung wants to charge $375 AUD . As I have seen a pattern the since the rear glass is wide they might have not factored the risk or since its wide the glass must crack for what ever reason. Samsung needs to take this on board and need to look into it. I am a apple user for last 10 years. Big mistake and it won’t happen again.

While design flaws are not new and can occur in smartphones, you would expect a $1,400 smartphone to not come with serious flaws which would cause damage just a few months after the launch. Samsung hasn’t commented on the issue but we expect the company to reveal more information about the flaw and the cause of it soon.

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