Samsung has finally issued a firmware update with build number G98xBXXU1ATD3 that fixes the annoying green tint bug that many Galaxy S20 Ultra users complained about after installing the last ‘ATCT’ firmware update.

While Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has been widely appreciated because of its great overall performance, those who’ve bought the smartphones have been complaining about various issues, including slower focusing of the camera, heating issues, green tint on the screen, and slow charging speed, for the last few days.

The company recently issued a firmware update that was supposed to fix the camera issues, but what it did was it produced fresh troubles for the S20 Ultra users as it caused the slowing of fast-charging speed as well as a green tint on the display. Samsung took prompt action, as everyone expects the company to take in such scenarios, and pulled the update on last Monday. It took the company only three days to prepare the fix and roll out to S20 Ultra users.

However, the update is currently rolling out for Galaxy S20 Ultra users in Germany, but it’ll soon be available for users in the other parts of the world very soon.

Do you own a Galaxy S20 Ultra? If so., did you face the aforementioned issues? Let us know in the comments below.

via Gizmochina