New theory suggests one of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s focus issue may be impossible to fix

by Surur
April 23, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a very special camera, with a massive 108-megapixel sensor that delivers super-detailed pictures.

It seems however that that same large lens maybe the camera’s undoing in part. Some users have been complaining of poor focusing for close-up objects, and now it has been revealed this may be a design issue.

A Korean Samsung moderator has noted on Samsungs support forums that due to the large lens on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the device will have a shallow depth of field and longer focal length of 10cm or more,  and therefore, it may fail to focus when photographing objects up-close. More importantly, because the focal length is determined by the lens specifications, this shortcoming is difficult to correct with software.

The S20 Ultra is of course mainly designed for good telephoto performance, and it seems you can’t have both your cake and eat it too.

Via SamMobile.

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