Samsung pulls the latest firmware update for Galaxy S20 Ultra

Since the launch of Galaxy S20, users have been complaining about various software issues and that pushed Samsung to roll out a number of firmware updates. However, Samsung’s latest ‘ATCT’ firmware update created for troubles for many S20 users, as a result of which the company has finally pulled the update for the Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphones, though, the firmware update is still available for the S20 and S20 Plus users.

Galaxy S20 users are mainly complaining about two issues after updating to the latest firmware update: one is the slow charging speed, and the other one is the presence of a green tint on the display when the option for 120Hz screen refresh rate is enabled. If you’re one of the lucky ones who haven’t received the update or didn’t download it can no longer be able to install it on your Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone. You won’t be able to install it using Samsung’s Smart Switch software for Windows and Mac either.

Samsung’s latest firmware updates were meant to fix some of the annoying camera bugs and while they did improve the overall camera performance, it does more harm than good. Nevertheless, Samsung is expected to push a new update to the S20 series of smartphones in the coming days and that will, hopefully, fix all these issues.

via SamMobileNeowin

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