Playground Games’ fantastic open-world racing game Forza Horizon 4 will get free upgrades this year for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. 

While Microsoft has yet to confirm what settings the lower-powered Xbox Series S will run at, the game will run at a full 4K 60fps on the now powerful Xbox Series X. The last-gen racer should be expected to run at 1440p 60fps on the Series S, the higher bounds of the console’s resolution targets.

The news was revealed on Twitter after the reveal of the Xbox Series X by the official Forza Horizon Twitter account. “On November 10, the best console to experience the Horizon Festival will be the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S,” the Twitter account posted.

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Forza Horizon 4 isn’t the only game getting a free upgrade for next-gen machines. Games like Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 and many more will also see updates.