Elon Musk puts relaunch of Blue Verified on hold indefinitely



One of the most noteworthy changes Elon Musk introduced to Twitter was a revamped Blue Verified, allowing anyone to get a blue tick. Musk later put it on hold due to the rise of increased fake verified handles. The multi-billionaire said the paid subscription would be relaunched on November 29. But Musk now has taken another U-turn as he plans to put the relaunch of Blue Verified on hold indefinitely.

Musk has also clarified that Blue Verified will not be launched until there is high confidence that it will curb impersonation. The new Twitter boss has also confirmed that the microblogging site may use different color checks for organizations than individuals. However, he has not shared the timeline for when it might launch.

Previously, Twitter was testing the ability for users to see how an individual/organization got the Verified batch by hovering their mouse over the blue tick. This feature, however, is unlikely to launch without the Blue Verified capability. Meanwhile, users will get verified on the platform the same way users got blue ticks before the takeover by Musk.

While we do not know when Blue Verified will launch, Musk confirmed several new features that will be coming to Twitter in the future. The ability to save video, making the Edit button available for all. Musk may also put a limit on how many tweets free users can view in a month. And there are many changes that Musk may bring in the future.

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