Doom Reborn brings the daddy of FPS into new[ish] graphics

April 21, 2020
Doom Reborn

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There’s always someone trying to get the original Doom running on something archaic or weird – from digital camera to a Porsche 911 – but not many have tried to make the game run on something newer and beneficial. Enter Doom Reborn, an awesome conversion of the original two games to id Tech 4.

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Created by modder gamehacker, this long in-development total conversion of the classic duology impressively recreates the series’ hardcore shooting in stunning sixth-generation graphics.

Doom Reborn recreates the two games with new textures and models for all weapons and enemies. The mod also aims to recreate the game’s original music and sound effects with higher quality versions.

If you want to check out a huge 46 minutes or Doom Reborn gameplay, check it out below:

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The total conversion project is currently available to download in its latest pre-beta version: version 1.65. Along with the recreated game, you can also download a level editor to create your own Doom missions inside the new engine.

Check out the download page right here.

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