This Doom Digital Camera source port is amazing and bizarre


29, 2019

Gamers have modded many things to play id Software’s Doom; now there’s a Doom Digital Camera! From Porsches to ATM, the classic shooter is available on pretty much anything.

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Retro-tech YouTuber LazyGameReviews released a new 15-minute video discussing the device’s impressive ability to play custom software. The camera in question is a 1998 Kodak Digital Science DC260 ZOOM Camera and it runs a fairly impressive source port of Doom. It’s the Doom Digital Camera!

According to the LGR video, the DC260 launched back in 1998 for a whopping $999, but its specs for the time are impressive! While photos are subpar by today’s standards – a resolution of 1536 X 1024 is meagre today – the rest of the specs gives it a retro kick!

With the DC260 designed to be a PC replacement for photo editors, Kodak made sure the device packed a punch! With the camera having its own open OS combined with a 66MHz PowerPC CPU, 8MB RAM and a 11KHz sound chip, it’s an impressive device! The camera also comes with a D-Pad! It’s like it was made for this!

LGR shows off the source port DOOMD (Doom for Digital) on the system and it looks, well, surprisingly responsive! It’s framerate isn’t perfect and the sound appears quite crushed, but it’s definitely Doom on a digital camera!

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The YouTuber also shows off a number of different ports on the camera including an emulator for classic retro arcade games. While certainly not how I would like to play these games, it’s still insanely cool!

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