DOOMBA mod allows your Roomba to create DOOM maps

December 26, 2018

DOOM has been played on everything from a toaster to a Porsche, but both of those were only used for playing. DOOM’s legacy isn’t just through playing, but also through creating and now you can create DOOM maps using your Roomba.

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That’s right, your electric vacuum can now be used to create maps for a first-person shooter. It’s a weird project, but a very welcome one.

The script was created by modder Rich Whitehouse. As your Roomba cleans, the script will track its movements. Once the device is finished, it will generate a DOOM map.

DOOMBA’s process is incredible – turning your Roomba’s erratic movements into a playable map.

To use DOOMBA, you’ll have to download the latest version of Neosis, Whitehouse’s tool for previewing and converting model, image and animation formats. Then, you can use the DOOMBA plugin.

Once everything is set up, it’ll search your network for Roombas and then you’ll be given instructions on how to proceed. Whitehouse’s post on the subject is much more in-depth.

It’s an incredible feat and another way in which DOOM fans manage to impress us – they really are incredible.

Source: Rich Whitehouse

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