Brave not Syncing: 6 Simple Solutions to Fix

October 1, 2023
Brave Browser

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Ah, Brave Browser! Over the past six months, it’s been my go-to for a clutter-free, ad-less, and private browsing experience. But let’s be real, even the best have their quirks. Recently, I stumbled upon a hiccup – my Brave wasn’t syncing. If you’re in the same boat, don’t fret. I’ve delved deep, experimented, and come up with a comprehensive guide to get that sync back on track. Let’s dive in!

Possible Reasons for Brave Not Syncing:

  1. Outdated Brave Version: Just like that old pair of jeans, sometimes things don’t fit right if they’re out of style. An outdated version of Brave might just be the culprit.
  2. Incorrect Sync Settings: Maybe it’s not Brave; it’s you? Double-check those settings!
  3. Network Glitches: Even the best Wi-Fi has its off days. A dodgy connection can play spoilsport.
  4. Brave’s Server Issues: Sometimes, it’s neither you nor your device. Brave’s servers might be having a day off.


  1. Update Brave Browser: First things first, ensure you’re rocking the latest version. If you’re unsure about how to update, here’s a guide on Brave and its features for Windows 11.
  2. Sync Settings Deep Dive: Head over to Brave’s settings. Make sure sync is toggled on. If you’ve multiple devices, ensure they’re all on the same sync chain. If you’re having trouble with settings, this guide on blocking websites on Brave might give you some insights.
  3. Internet Connection Check: Give your Wi-Fi a quick reboot. If you’re on mobile data, maybe switch to Wi-Fi? And if Brave’s acting up on your iPhone, here’s a lifesaver guide.
  4. Server Status: Pop over to Brave’s official website or Twitter handle. They’re good at keeping users updated if their servers are throwing a tantrum.
  5. Reinstall Brave: It sounds drastic, but sometimes a fresh start is all you need. Before you do, ensure you bookmark your essential pages, uninstall Brave, and then reinstall.
  6. Disable Extensions: Some extensions can interfere with syncing. If you’re unsure about extensions and their effects, here’s a guide on disabling adblock in Brave.

Pro Tips:

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