Is Brave browser safe or not? 10 Things to Consider

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Brave Browser

Yes, the Brave browser is widely regarded as safe, primarily due to its comprehensive suite of security and privacy features. Here’s a deeper look:

  1. Built-in Ad Blocker: Brave’s integrated ad blocker not only enhances the user experience by removing intrusive ads but also shields users from potential threats posed by malicious ads.
  2. Shields: This feature offers robust protection against third-party trackers and unwanted cookies, ensuring your online activities remain private and your data isn’t sold to advertisers.
  3. HTTPS Everywhere: Brave automatically upgrades sites from HTTP to the more secure HTTPS, ensuring that your data is encrypted and safe from potential eavesdroppers.
  4. Fingerprinting Prevention: Websites often use fingerprinting to identify and track users. Brave combats this by blocking such attempts, making it harder for sites to monitor your online behavior.
  5. Tor Integration in Private Tabs: For users seeking an extra layer of anonymity, Brave’s private tabs with Tor integration ensure your browsing remains hidden, both locally and across the network.
  6. No Affiliation with Data-Hungry Corporations: Unlike some browsers backed by corporations with vested interests in data collection, Brave’s independence ensures user data isn’t exploited for corporate gains.
  7. Regular Security Updates: Security is dynamic, and threats evolve. Brave’s commitment to rolling out regular updates means users are protected against emerging online threats.
  8. Brave Rewards and BAT: The opt-in Brave Rewards system lets users earn BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) for viewing ads. These ads are vetted, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful content.
  9. Open Source Nature: Transparency is key to trust. Being open source, Brave’s code is available for public scrutiny, ensuring any potential security flaws can be identified and addressed.
  10. Data Storage and Sync: Brave prioritizes user privacy even in data storage. It doesn’t store user data on its servers, and its sync feature encrypts data end-to-end.


Brave’s emphasis on user-centric features, combined with its proactive approach to security, makes it a reliable and safe browser choice in today’s digital age.